Vanameister pub

The pub called “Vanameistri Pubi“ is located in a beautiful quiet neighbourhood of Jõhvi, the town in East Virumaa. It can accommodate 90 people. 

The key word to describe the interior of the pub is “recycling“. Several pieces of furniture and interior furnishings originate from antique shops, recycling centres and homes of friends and acquaintances. If the pub´s customer gets interested in some item, it is possible to obtain it  through mutually acceptable agreement.  

The pub´s fine, traditional Estonian cuisine is quality-oriented where simple and familiar tastes dominate. The menu provides a variety of local specialities following the best traditions of Estonian cuisine. All dishes are mainly prepared with organic local produce that comes from Estonian farmers, fishermen and small producers. 

The “Vanameistri Pubi“  is a cosy place where customers are treated with hospitality , kindness and tasty food, and they can meet pleasant people.

Welcome to our pub!

Rahu 15A      Jõhvi 41533      Tel: +372 555 777 56      E-post: vanameistripubi@hotmail.com